Lord Ganapati and his brother Lord Kartikeya

This is my entry for Diana of Myths in the Mirror’s monthly speculative writing prompt.

I wanted to give it a shot and change up an endearing story of brother deities, Lord Ganapati and his brother Lord Kartikeya. Of course, the elephant in the image brought forth this new take on the legend.

“Om Gan Ganapataye Namo Namaha” 🙏

Lord Ganapati’s brother Lord Kartikeya was banished to the outer regions of the Himalayas. Kartikeya had destructive power. His competitiveness and simple clever wit lost him the opportunity to become Lord of the Universe.

He was so upset that his brother Ganapati outsmarted him in the race that he continually tried to destroy him.

Parvati and Shiva, the two brothers parents would no longer tolerate Kartikeya’s insolence so they sent him to live with his grandfather Himavat in the Himalayan mountains. They also changed his form from a handsome man to an earthling elephant. They wanted to show him that his brothers intelligence and generosity were greater than his destructive ways.

They both knew that while the celestial bodies required destructive forces to continually expand, an age would come upon the universe where only compassion would cause expansion. Rather than colliding forces and nuclear explosions, particles would quietly morph and change, instantly freeing dark matter’s expanding energy.

However, Ganapati ever the generous deity, missed his brother. He longed for their conversations and the creative tension in their relationship.

Ganapati muddled over this dilemma and finally asked his parents if he could at least reach out to him. Perhaps from a distance their communication would not end up so destructive.

Parvati the great loving mother agreed but made it clear to Ganapati that a resolution must be reached between them. One that would plant a seed in mankind that would grow into a universal heart of compassion.

Parvati gave the gift of camaraderie back to her children. She and Shiva chuckled together into the dark luminous night. Their laughs sent galactic waves of healing energy to Earth.

Alone in the starlit sky, Ganapati closed his eyes, reached deep within and forgave Kartikeya for his anger and poor actions. Kartikeya, now stuck in the form of an earthling elephant, no longer the great deity he was born as, became angrier than ever.

He tried to throw rage at Ganapati but he no longer had celestial powers. He began stomping his pads onto the cold ground in an effort to raise and release his fiery energy. Yet every time he mustered a small fireball, the snow would extinguish it. He was unable to control himself and tried to destroy the small house where his keepers lived. He blew out so much anger from his trunk that it caused a great windstorm, which swept the home up and into a tall tree. And on and on he went.

Ganapati, witnessed his brothers powerless antics and grew ever more loving towards him. He contemplated the dilemma and remembered the effect of his parents chuckles. Indeed, laughter would be the best medicine. It was the key to teaching his brother compassion.

He remembered when they were young boys, Kartikeya would make fun of Ganapati’s mount, the mouse. Kartikeya, would boast of his magnificent peacock compared to Ganapati’s teeny tiny scurrying mouse.

Instantly, upon Ganapati’s thought, a mischief of mice appeared atop the house. They began to jump and scurry all over Kartikeya’s elephant form. Tickling him here and there. Kartikeya could not help but roll around on the ground, laughing and laughing, rib cracking and belly deep. Finally, Kartikeya through this fit of laughter, yielded to his brothers love and continued to laugh and dance with the mice in the snow.

He then accidentally bumped into the tall tree where the house landed. Finding himself there, he stretched his trunk up to bring the house down from the tall tree to set it back in its upright position.

He looked in through the windows to see what may have happened to his adoptive family, and he saw himself standing as he used to be, a young handsome man.

Tears formed and rolled down his cheeks. How he missed his home and true being. He missed the companionship of his brother. For the first time in a long time, he remembered the love of his parents.

He fell asleep crying as he surrendered his anger.

The next morning he awoke at home with Ganapati at his side. They hugged and laughed and cried together.

The legend now lives in mankind’s memory and carries the message of “love each other as you would love the one self.”

50 thoughts on “Lord Ganapati and his brother Lord Kartikeya

    1. Thank you, Ethan. Glad the science piece worked. Physics is still figuring out what dark matter is but since they don’t know yet either, I went with it. Thank you for reading and your feedback!

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  1. Hey Jordy, this one was so amazing to read, would surely tell my mother about this another story of yours on Ganesha & Kartikeya. I am from India and it feels great you knowing about the most loved God Ganpati or we call him Ganesha as well here. He is the first to be prayed amongst all & known as the god who removes all obstacles and may he bless you with happy beginnings in everything.
    om gan Ganapataye Namo Namaha 🙏

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        1. He came to me in a dream when I was in my twenties. I was unaware at the time as I was raised Catholic but I knew the dream was an important message. Then I began reading and studying Hindu texts. It opened my heart and life. I am forever humbled. 🙏

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        2. oh really! i am so intrigued on hearing this and would surely tell my mother about this…she would be fascinated too!! here in india we all love ganapti so much that we never start any prayer without him… he is called “vighana harta” the one who takes away all the obstacles…..i am so excited to hear this that he came in your dreams….would love to talk about it more with you for sure 😃

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        3. Thank you, Himani! My life completely changed for the better! We should talk more. House of Hearts recommended that I publish this as a Children’s book. Do you like that idea?

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        4. Ya sure! we would talk about it more and even you would love other indian Gods, one of my Favourite Krishna would surely make you fall in love with him….I feel writing it as a children’s story would be a great idea…kids here love Ganapati as their friend Ganesha…and even i would love to be a part of it in every way Jordy.

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        5. Pleasure is all mine Jordy.Yes you can contact me through the conatct page and we can discuss about it in details….in case you have any problems contacting me kindly leave a msg in the comments. Namaste🙏

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