Tucked away

Thru Violet's Lentz

tucked away inside my heart
where no one else can see
is everything that i have left
of who i used to be

you cannot tell by looking
you would never know to touch
as this clever veil of aging flesh
only lets you see so much

there’s a metal, dime store necklace
with a freebird on a chain
pieces of knotted leather, i wore
till they rotted off in vain

there’s a notebook full of poetry
from an adolescent age
as filled with dreams, desires, and love
as it is, with anger, hate, and rage

there’s a heart that’s once been broken
a couple of wedding rings
three souls that i gave life to-
but left behind, to find my wings

there are solo footprints in the sand
spiked stilettos on the stroll
there are walls of dope i hid behind
but never enough, to…

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