This is my contribution toSue Vincent’s #write photo prompt. Blade

Interesting as I have had this poem of sorts in the wings. Timing is everything, isn’t it.

I changed it just a tad to fit with the photo and believe I named her appropriately.

Thank you, Sue for the prompt!💗

Who is she?

Her stance that of a warrior

A Priestess?

Her body taut

What of her eyes?

What do they speak?


With reverence

peering through

ancient castle walls

she wants to know,

who she is really

She picks up the Emerald sword

and whispers into its steel

With one swift movement

two are one

Hands wrapped around the blade

with intentions on the scale

She cuts through the veil

A stream of light,

a thousand Suns,

She disappears

Her cloak outer wear

Who is she now?

45 thoughts on “Morgana

    1. Indeed, Michelle! Thank you for your support!!😊. They were just jesting with me, since the pic is apparently a male that we all know. I’ll have to find out in April!🤗🤗 have a great weekend!!


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