Rainbow of Light

I was recently tagged by Li at Tao Talk to write a story to a challenge created by The Eclectic Contrarian.

However, this past week was a hectic work week and since I don’t get to retire for awhile, I had to focus my energy on work projects. Oh woe is me, I know.🙃

So I decided to republish this story that fits Li’s photo well and was written when I first started my blog. Many of you may not have read it and hopefully you all will enjoy it.

Li’s photo is of a ginormous Sequoia and about a non-profit organization Marshmallow Laser Feast that is using Virtual Reality to provide insight into the molecular physics of these magnificent trees.

I grew up in Northern California and spent a lot of time hiking and exploring the mountainous areas that are home to many Sequoia groves. My heart is truly with the trees in this story. I hope you enjoy.

Rainbow of Light 🌈

I seem to be blinded by the intense light as it emanates from the Sun through the trees. It is so blinding that it is all I can see at the moment. Yet as I continue to blink and focus, it begins to become less opaque and more translucent. I can see again, and recognize that I am still sitting inside of the light.

Well, at least my consciousness is because looking at my body or hands or feet yields no such thing. Just soft moss with some fungi growing out of the two bisecting limbs high up in the tree.

The last thing that I remember of my body was where I left it on the fecund soil in meditation breathing in the clean air from the grove of redwoods. I wanted to find peace and quiet from the crazy frenetic energy of the city. I was right in the middle of grounding when my mind’s eye decided to grow as tall as the other trees so I could know what the consciousness of a tree would feel like. I am pretty sure that I am sitting up high on the tree that I planted long ago, because it is a little bowed in the center from the heaviness that was in my heart and years spent in grief and anguish for reasons that have long been forgotten, but indeed forgiven.

Well, here I am and I can see my body still in a meditation pose but there is no one home right now. Strangely enough, it doesn’t feel like it belongs to me or that I would be familiar with its physical make up. It is certainly curious to feel no attachment to that body. Right now all I can feel is a slight breeze blowing through my consciousness as it would a blade of tall grass. My breath seems to be happening freely, sustaining me, just as it would the trees. And the even stranger thing is that I can see the trillions upon billions of air molecules as they hold the physical in place.

And here I am still sitting in the intense light as a ray from the Sun. When suddenly a red tail hawk descends upon the limb next to the one that I am sitting on, I wonder if it knows that my mind is here. And of course it does, as it peers through me with sharp eyes, drilling through to my core as its thought waves begin to permeate my mind. The hawk seems to be proud of me for learning how to fly and asks if I want to ride a current of wind with him. Of course, I answered as I placed my thoughts on his wings.

We began to follow the current of a cool yet soft wind, and as we glide through the air, we then halt in place with wings outstretched and flapping to hold us steady in one spot. The feeling is overwhelming but with each breath, I let go of a strand of fear until there is nothing left.

The hawk begins to ascend in a spiral ever so higher, and higher and higher…

Until I can no longer sustain consciousness and fall into a deep slumber as we continue our ascent.

I dreamt as I slept of a buddhist monk sitting in front of me. He was tuning my heart chakra and showed me the frequency of love. His outstretched hand guiding my chakra as it turned to a deep green hue. He said that as each of us walks through the world of matter, our goal is to raise the vibration level of the planet as we learn more and more how to tune our frequency with love.

He then taught me how to breath in and hold the energy then how to guide it to bathe my entire body. Beyond his image, I can see the images of other monks, of Saints, the Dali Lama, Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr, Mohammed, and Jesus. He said that I must go back now and inhabit my dwelling because it is important to learn how to deepen awareness of love through this world, especially in times of chaos.

He shared that the chaos of this world is just that, a crucible filled with lots of stuff to transmute into gold.

It may take forever he shared, and in fact there is no time in creation, it just is and will continue to unfold as each individual ray of the Sun unfolds.

He disappeared into a cloud and the hawk dropped me off at an opening of a wormhole, a gateway of color, to tumble and roll right back into my body. It took a few moments to adjust my consciousness back to the physical realm, and as I open my eyes, while I am no longer sitting in the intense light, I am sitting inside a rainbow of light also emanating from the glorious tree that I planted. Everything glistens with color, the leaves, the trees, the branches, and soil and sky all composed of light.

I feel rested and full, and ready to walk on the path again. But this time at a higher frequency and ready to take on the next phase of being human.

We all plant seeds of hope in the Earth’s soil no matter what our experience has been. This is how we transmute the base substance into gold. This is how it is to sit inside a rainbow of light.

The End

I would like to tag Violet Lentz to write the next story. Violet writes creative and unique stories. Here is the photo that I selected for her story prompt.

I would also like to tag Kent at Dirty Sci Fi Buddha


29 thoughts on “Rainbow of Light

  1. Wonderful writing, I felt the light, the breeze, the freedom of flying.

    And the last lines so full of hope…

    “We all plant seeds of hope in the Earth’s soil no matter what our experience has been. This is how we transmute the base substance into gold. This is how it is to sit inside a rainbow of light.”

    Liked by 1 person

  2. WOW Jordy ❤ You took me to another place there. I had no idea you lived out by those trees. I call that serendipity. Did you plant a sequoia tree? I love your seeing oxygen holding things in place and communicating with the hawk and riding the hawk's wings. Such a beautiful dreamlike story!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Li! It is serendipity! I started writing a story and thought that this one worked perfectly. Better than I could have written again. I did actually plant Sequoias further up North on Bureau of Land Management land. Dreaming or conscious meditation are very similar. The messengers come in all shapes and sizes. 🤗🤗💗

      Liked by 1 person

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