This is my contribution toSue Vincent’s #write photo prompt. Blade Interesting as I have had this poem of sorts in the wings. Timing is everything, isn’t it. I changed it just a tad to fit with the photo and believe I named her appropriately. Thank you, Sue for the prompt!💗 Who is she? Her stance […]

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3-2-1 Quote Me – Creativity

Paula of Light Motifs tagged me for a few quotes on the topic of creativity. One of my favorite subjects! Thank you, Paula! Happy writing! Rory from a guy called bloke’s fun challenge can be found here. First, Carl G. Jung has been my hero from a very young age. His wisdom travels through the […]

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Dorothy’s Final Journey – A short story adaptation of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

This is my entry to Hélène Vaillant’s “What do you see?” weekly challenge. Another wonderful prompt from Hélène. Dorothy was very tired and frustrated. “We’ve been on the road traveling through Oz for months it seems!”, she cried to the Scarecrow. “What do I know, I haven’t a brain!”, he replied. Dorothy becoming more and […]

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A Waltz, my dear?

This my entry to Sue Vincent’s #write photo prompt, fragrant. A great writing adventure, with wonderful participating artists. Photo © Sue Vincent One summer, as a young lady, taking a stroll through grandmamas gardens, overwhelmed by the beauty and scents, I stood in the center of the four paths and decided to dance. In rapture, […]

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Tucked away

Originally posted on Thru Violet's Lentz:
Tentative by J.C. Montgomery tucked away inside my heart where no one else can see is everything that i have left of who i used to be you cannot tell by looking you would never know to touch as this clever veil of aging flesh only lets you…

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