Loves Grip

After a month of traveling through a wormhole, and coming out the other side whole…. this is my first coming home post.

Thank you, Sue for a perfectly timed prompt. Sue Vincent’s #write photo prompt

Photo by Sue Vincent

Loves Grip

A sign post…


a choice to make….

….I will follow

with sweat and ache

I walked….



Alas, a crossroad

with you standing there,

on the right path

your fiery essence

yet sweet perfume

filled my senses…

you caught my eye

with a searing soulful stare

as moments went by

The letting out came

a deep causal cry

with sound that pierced

straight through my heart

You went in

and wrapped around

a divine flame

with golden bows

in soft cascades

of silky threads

But I couldn’t catch my breath

I fought you tooth and nail

night after night….


screaming into a vast dark abyss

No one answered

not one to hear my screams

screams with tracks and

tendrils dragging me down

I tried to run from you,

my body and brain shredded,

cowering at every turn,

refuting your existence,

I hated you,

scratched at your face

begged you to let me go

…..let me breath….

please let me breath….

I cannot breath…..

….I am suffocating…. can’t you see that I am dying!

But you would not let go

not even for an instance

not a second

not a breath


you held on

as I continued to wrestle with you

You never let go,


not once,

Your love constant,

not one moment empty,

Your breath in mine

I surrender…..

28 thoughts on “Loves Grip

  1. Beautiful poetry, Jordis. You have amazing talent. Welcome back….❤ (WP wiped out most of the sites I follow. I have been going around for 2 days following everyone again…a pain in the butt).

    Liked by 1 person

        1. I had two sides today. I want them too, sometimes I don’t care though. Hélène (copy and paste)…lol

          Liked by 1 person

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