About Jordy

Greetings, my name is Jordis Fasheh. Sometimes, I go by Jordan as it compliments a recent spiritual transformation and symbolizes the baptismal waters of the river Jordan.
“From that water of life he is in a state of elation.” Rumi
My first love is writing poetry and I started as early as when I learned to write the alphabet. I learned to read with Omar Khayyam’s, Rubayait and Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi’s, Poems. I discovered the books on my parents bookshelves and they became my teachers. Both mystics influenced my development from a very young age.
My first post, “The Garden,” is a story about my sister Teri’s passing. Her passing was life altering, it shocked my system from head to toe including my soul. We grew up like twins, although she was three years older than me. Teri was brilliant and creative and I always tried to follow her but thankfully realized that I was a different sort.
Her passing made me understand the brevity of our lives on this planet in this human form and is what propelled me to start a blog and share my poetry and stories.
However, like many creative souls, I still have to work for a living. As a young girl, my life took a circuitous path and I had to make ends meet and didn’t go straight to college, but I did eventually and feel proud of my accomplishments.
My day job is as a business professional in the financial and business insurance sector. It certainly fulfills an aspect of my personality that is logical and allows me to travel and meet people from all walks of life. My father ever the pragmatist and my mother was an artist. I like to think that I have inherited the best of both of them.
Steadily, while working, and attending college, I earned a Masters in Business Administration and an Undergraduate degree in Developmental Psychology.
Although my interests are far and wide, I spend a lot of my time doing research. The topics that I study most are spiritual in nature but cover physics, astronomy, anatomy and physiology and my first love, psychology.
From a spiritual perspective, while I was raised a Roman Catholic, growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area exposed me to eclectic spiritual perspectives. I studied many forms; Taoism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Native American Shamanism, and yet swung full circle back to Gnostic Christianity. I studied energetic healing systems and am proficient at Chakra and energy healing.
Always searching, a seeker at heart, until a turning point occurred when I met the Directors of The Silent Eye; Steve Tanham, Sue Vincent and Stuart France at the first retreat in April 2013 at the Nightingale Centre in the UKs Peak District.
I am forever grateful for meeting these three beautiful souls. Everything that I’ve known and studied coalesced with my studies with The Silent Eye. The all too familiar longing and searching and angst are forever gone. I can truly say that I am home as I breath a deep soulful breath of gratitude and love.
My desertrose.blog, as I mentioned earlier, “Jordy’s Streamings,” is a recent inspiration. The intention is to share my poetry and short stories but also to build relationships in the blogging community with like minded artists.
Many of my poems are healing from the grief of Teri’s passing, but some of my posts are to test my experimental writing mostly in prose, many in Sci Fi, and others that explore human consciousness. It has gone very well thus far and I’m on a mission to self publish my first book of poetry. Additionally, I am working on several short stories and just started my first attempt at a novel. It is Sci Fi, one of my favorite genres to explore Time, far away Galaxies, different life forces and beings.
Me and my fur-baby Luna Gracie usually write in the wee hours of the morning, but often I’ll write in the evenings as well, with Luna always at my side.