Sad News of Hélène

Originally posted on willowdot21:
So sorry to bring such sad news but Helen Valiant has passed away. I have just read so on Frank Prem’s Facebook page. We all hope she passed as painlessly and calmly as possible . Sending support and love to her family. I like to think she reunited with her husband…

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Who wants to live Forever?

Originally posted on willowdot21:
The Silent Eye held it’s Lord Of The Deep course, this weekend just gone. It was wonderful. While we were there we had two really thought provoking sessions on the Saturday. The first was first was , An Exploration, The Offspring of Silence, beautifully presented to us by Jan Malique. The…

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Gilgamesh descending (1)

Originally posted on Sun in Gemini:
Julius Caesar, speaking after winning an important battle in Asia Minor, is quoted as saying ‘I came, I saw, I conquered…’ The same cannot be said for Gilgamesh the King – one of Julius Caesar’s mighty empire-building forebears, who ruled the land of Sumer from the city of Uruk…

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Easter Prayer

There is a Christian Church across the street from my home. The song in the air and the first words I heard upon waking at 6:00 am were, “He is Risen!” I feel blessed and still the angelic voice rises with the Sun. For me this is a blessed moment. God Bless us this day […]

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Loves Grip

After a month of traveling through a wormhole, and coming out the other side whole…. this is my first coming home post. Thank you, Sue for a perfectly timed prompt. Sue Vincent’s #write photo prompt Photo by Sue Vincent Loves Grip A sign post… ….maybe a choice to make…. ….I will follow with sweat and […]

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