The Fugitive Meets Jesus

“The renegade who had it made, retrieved for a bounty, nevermore to go astray, this will be the end today, of a wanted man.” Styx I killed a man and have been on the lam, with crooked body, hunched and bowed, crawling through dark alleys, deprived, alone Running toward love, I want to be home Tired and […]

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First Love

This is my contribution to Sheryl’s daily word prompt. The word for today is Moonlit.  How could I resist? If you would like to participate or view posts the link is: Photo Jordan 2017 “It’s never like the first time,” Sade I was 16 and you were 15, so I robbed the cradle, I caught […]

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Antony Gormley’s mysterious life-size sculpture of a solitary man, Sound II, located in Winchester Cathedral’s crypt. Photo by Jordan 2016 Silence Standing solitary within a stone crypt Seasons pass as the water rises and retreats Our hands cupped in prayer as we breath in the script Lifetimes spent in humble obedience, discrete Funny how the […]

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