This is my contribution to Frank Jansens weekly photo challenge. This weeks subject is Rose. Frank shared a rose that he overlaid special effects to, “create an explosion of energy to reflect the power that resides within each particle in the universe.” Of course, this resonated with me deeply and something I’ve been working on. […]

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It’s been more than a fews weeks since I’ve posted anything. The holidays were rough but I made it through. My sister Teri passed away last year and this year noticing how impermanent life is. Not anything new, I know, but the gravity of it pulls at my heart strings. This poem is written for […]

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A rose from my garden Thank you everyone! I started Jordy’s Streamings July 15, 2018! I am having a blast with the blogosphere. Reading everyone’s posts; poetry, stories, books, songs and photography. And making new friends from around the globe is the best!! Love you all! A shout out and thank you to everyone who […]

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The Fugitive Meets Jesus

“The renegade who had it made, retrieved for a bounty, nevermore to go astray, this will be the end today, of a wanted man.” Styx I killed a man and have been on the lam, with crooked body, hunched and bowed, crawling through dark alleys, deprived, alone Running toward love, I want to be home Tired and […]

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First Love

This is my contribution to Sheryl’s daily word prompt. The word for today is Moonlit.  How could I resist? If you would like to participate or view posts the link is: Photo Jordan 2017 “It’s never like the first time,” Sade I was 16 and you were 15, so I robbed the cradle, I caught […]

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The One Self

This story was inspired by Hélène Vaillant’s “What do you see?” challenge, her beautiful soul and community of like hearted and soulful people. Thank you, Hélène for your generosity and holding a sacred space for us to express what is in our hearts through the lovely images that you share. What do you See? Sept/11/2018 Photo […]

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Rapture in the Woods

Ground is wet, solid dirt beneath my feet, Can smell, can smell, the fungus growing, Can hear, can hear, the trees speaking, Can feel, can feel, my body, Falling in love with you, Rapture, wings stretching, reaching, touching… ….the edges of the ring, I am now inside, inside of Rapture, Gold, Rapture, Salt, Rapture, Chemistry, […]

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