Rainbow of Light

I was recently tagged by Li at Tao Talk to write a story to a challenge created by The Eclectic Contrarian. However, this past week was a hectic work week and since I don’t get to retire for awhile, I had to focus my energy on work projects. Oh woe is me, I know.🙃 So […]

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A Waltz, my dear?

This my entry to Sue Vincent’s #write photo prompt, fragrant. A great writing adventure, with wonderful participating artists. Photo © Sue Vincent One summer, as a young lady, taking a stroll through grandmamas gardens, overwhelmed by the beauty and scents, I stood in the center of the four paths and decided to dance. In rapture, […]

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In Between Worlds

This is my contribution to Hélène Vaillant’s “What do you see?”, challenge Photo courtesy of Hélène Vaillant After too many years alone taking solitary sojourns along the river’s shoreline, Malcolm decided this would be his last. He had made a practice of wandering alone in the middle of the night, after his wife Sarah died. […]

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California Earthquakes

This is my contribution to Sue Vincent’s weekly, #write photo prompt. Living in California comes with its dangers, as most places do. But I wanted to point out the stark madness of politics and business lobbyists. The continuous draining of California’s precious Aquifer’s is one cause of earthquakes as depleting water below tolerable levels causes […]

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