Antony Gormley’s mysterious life-size sculpture of a solitary man, Sound II, located in Winchester Cathedral’s crypt. Photo by Jordan 2016

This is my contribution to Frank Jansen’s Dutch goes the Photo challenge.

I tried all week to capture a lovely picture of a reflection but kept coming back to this piece that I had published previously.

The photo and poem are a philosophical reflection on the subject of Silence. I hope you all enjoy.

If you would like to participate in the challenge or view other’s posts, here is the link.


Standing solitary within a stone crypt

Seasons pass as the water rises and retreats

Our hands cupped in prayer as we breath in the script

Lifetimes spent in humble obedience, discrete

Funny how the sound of silence reverberates

Seemingly against stone enclosures and puddles

How can I stare at you as grey and celebrate?

Two dimensionally, confined, a brain muddled

Through stillness, prayer and listening in silence

Penetrating walls, and permeating water

Two become multidimensional resonance

Breaking free of confinement, both our spirits soar

Movement in present time, camouflaged as if stone

Signposts as reminders for our journey homeward

In silence, in memoriam, your heart, my own

I look at your cupped hands and see flowing waters

© Jordan 2018

37 thoughts on “Silence

  1. We came across him the first time unexpectedly, when my husband pushed open a door left ajar. Recently at the flower festival, we had to queue to go down in little groups. It was worth it; the water was drained away and a candle lit floral path led to him, a different experience. I wrote about it in my Wonderful Winchester blog.

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        1. Oh how blessed you are. I’ve been several times but living in the States, I always try to make it a destination because I just fell in love with it. You live in a beautiful area. 💕

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