Comfortable #FOWC

This poem was inspired by Fandango’s word of the day, Comfortable


I love the word of today, comfortable

Although picking it up is like my turn at hot potato

Who do I throw it to?


This external world has placed us all in a position of discomfort,

When comfort is a blessing, most of the population has a difficult time dressing

When scarcity was designed by the pompous misaligned

The comfortable ones feign solace as they recline

No fresh water, minimal food, puts most in a very bad mood

My heart shrieks at the news every night, the food banks seem to be doing what’s right

As I sit in my comfortable chair, tears rolling down my cheeks, totally aware

Of the pain and disdain we all share

Of those in power who do not care

Left bereft and torn by this external world

Come November we’ll have a word

Make it your best shot

To kick those out, who are not

worthy of recompense

© Jordan Jordis Fasheh

FOWC with Fandango — Comfortable

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