Rows of Contradiction

This short piece was inspired by Frank Jansen’s Tuesday Photo Prompt and the subject of Rows. fpj-photo-challenge

Playas de Rosarito – Quinta Del Mar

May 2017 (this photo was taken with my iPhone, and apologize for the lack of definition and color.)

It was a short weekend jaunt with my cousins to Rosarito, Mexico. We participated in many events, one was a street festival celebrating Cinco de Mayo, and Mexico’s victory over Napoleon’s French Occupation during the Battle of Puebla, near Puebla City. The costumes, dress and dances were colorfully spectacular. However, one can’t help but notice the contradiction of the jovial festivities, to the reality of poverty within the Mexican culture.

The rows of fence posts or guardians at the gate struck me as symbolic of the plight of a society rich in culture, music and art, yet constrained by economics, politics, trade and continued oppression by ruling mobs and the United States.

In contrast, the calm enduring waves rolling onto the beach and the setting Sun beckons a new day and symbolizes the enormous heart and soul of the Mexican people.

So if I may add a photo that captures their soul, it would be a row of colorful dancers weaving the joy and freedom of Cinco de Mayo into the fabric of their souls.

© Jordan Jordis Fasheh

11 thoughts on “Rows of Contradiction

  1. So true. Yet another brilloiant culture layed to waste (but, resilliant) by the desire to have more. greed and countries who politicize it are clear examples of what can happen to a democracy if you let capitalism run the show. I believe this USA is an example of this very thing. The Danes use the USA as an example of what happens to a country when it treasures capitalism over Policies of Democracy

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