Meet my little girl, Luna, the sweetest doggie ever! As you might see, she is very contemplative, we sit out in the backyard, and she stays near me as I write, listening to the myriad sounds that my ears cannot hear. Sometimes, she rests her head on the couch and just stares out into the yard but her eyes reflect thoughts from far beyond. Other times, she is strictly a dog, chasing bunnies, birds and lizards. It’s funny to see her bolt like lightening to get her prey yet when she comes upon it, turns away.

Luna and I have had a rough time since I brought her home. She was a rescue, and 3 months old the day I picked her up. But she was not yet spayed and as legally necessary for rescues I was responsible for getting it done. It was time at 4 months, and I was afraid, she is my first child, not knowing if anything I did was enough to protect her.

The surgery went smoothly but when I brought her home, she began to breath rapid and shallow breaths, and once being a medic, I knew she wasn’t responding well to the pain medication.

So I sat with her all night, singing,

“You are my sunshine, my only sunshine…” She would calm down a bit but then go back into rapid respirations. The medication just wasn’t wearing off so I ended up taking her back to the vet, where they were able to take care of her and then gave me a lighter medication to take home with me.

After several days, she was all healed.

Two months passed, and then the unbelievable happened. She was out in the yard playing with her other chihuahua cousins, who belonged to my cousin Tania. But then we heard an awful sounding yelp, and ran out to find her shielding her leg unable to move. I swept her up immediately and took her to the emergency vet as a fracture was likely.

Indeed, it was a compound fracture of her right fibula and growth plate, a vulnerable area for a puppy, but they would have to do surgery and put two pins in immediately before scar tissue formed. She was so scared, as was I, worrying for her all night in the hospital. Surgeries are not cheap, and often people can’t afford them, nor could I for that matter, but I had no other choice, my heart told me not to worry spirit will help and indeed it did.

It took several weeks to heal and the Dr was amazing, a specialist in his field. He said this was such a rare occurrence and it was unlikely to happen again. But I couldn’t help but think that if it was rare and it happened once, while not measurable statistically, it could happen again.

It was a long haul, but Tania as always was by our side. We would spend the weekends at her house so I could take showers and go grocery shopping and not have to leave her alone. Otherwise, I work from home, so a blessing and would stay with her all day.

But gosh how I worried and fretted about everything and was way too overprotective. I never left her alone and if I had to travel for work Tania was there for her. But finally Tania, frustrated with my overprotectiveness said in no uncertain terms that I had to give that up and let her be a dog!

So I did and I am sure Luna thanks me. And the day finally came when we went to the Drs for final clearance and she was all better.

But then a few weeks passed and I was up North visiting my Dad, Luna was with Tania, now her second Mom, when I had a terrible fall, and tore my hamstring six and half centimeters off the bone. Dad rushed me to the Emergency room.

It was just awful! And after two days of being in pain and unable to walk, my leg became swollen and bruised down to my calf. I asked my Dad to put me on a plane before I wouldn’t be able to fly due to the hematoma. And there it was again, weeks of recuperation, physical therapy, and needing a walker, with Tania and Luna by my side. Luna knew that Mommy had an owie owie, having just gone through a similar experience, and was very protective, and tried to watch after me as best as she could.

And on and on the first two years went. With several more but less severe yet “rare” incidents.

However, I would say that she has been a bright gift in my life, never having my own children, I learned what it is to love and care for this precious being.

And yes, she is a dog, but I don’t treat her like a dog. Rather foster her soul’s development. And while some believe that dogs and animals don’t have souls, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, as many lucky people do, that they do.

Stay tuned for more of my little girl, the lighter side, we call Loonie Tunes.

With Love,


20 thoughts on “Luna

    1. Thank you Dorinda! I am beginning to see that as well. Sometimes she surprises the hell out of me and other times her choices are so much better than I would have made. 💗


    1. Thank you, Sue! I do and have gotten to know and love Ani through your lovely tales. 💞Blessings, as I go to see what she is emphatically barking at near the front door. Blessings! Jordis


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