3-2-1 Quote Me – Creativity

Paula of Light Motifs tagged me for a few quotes on the topic of creativity. One of my favorite subjects! Thank you, Paula! Happy writing!

Rory from a guy called bloke’s fun challenge can be found here.

First, Carl G. Jung has been my hero from a very young age. His wisdom travels through the cosmos and feeds the collective soul.

This really can be boiled down to “I’m creative SO don’t knock my messy house!”

Second, a quote from Pablo Picasso. A masterful creative soul.

As the challenge goes I would like to tag three wonderfully creative people.

Jules from longer strands of gems

Li from Tao Talk

Kevin from what words may come

Wishing you all a joyous and creative day!!

26 thoughts on “3-2-1 Quote Me – Creativity

  1. Thanks for posting! The quote reminds me of one of my practices which some would call gratitude. Take anything around you…imagine there is a little black dot hovering atop it (which is easy for me, because my eyes have so many floaters…)…if you dive into that little black dot…you can see that whatever it is has a multi-billion year history to it! If it is an artifact like the computer I am working on, there is a huge tree of human invention behind it! There are successes and failures and bold experiments and stupid mistakes and greed and largesse … there are attempts to standardize and attempts to be a renegade. Or, look at your hands! OMG! They are so handy!! (so to speak). If you need to, put on some oven mitts for a few hours and see how much less convenient your life is. It’s quite natural for us to overlook the Eden of “gifts” all around us and in us. But, if you get a 1/4 inch paper cut on the inside edge of your little finger, you’ll discover that you actually USE that part of your finger all the time! You just take it for granted because it works! If you lost your computer, or your hands, or your little finger, you would *really* appreciate how wonderful it is. Here’s a secret: you don’t *have* to wait to appreciate these things!

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        1. I’m afraid not as far as I know or have found. But for me, the closest work of his that is masterful enough to digest as poetry is his work Mysterium Coniuncionus. My go to for symbolism.

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  2. I must be creative… as my home always has that well lived in ‘Look’ 😉
    (…and writing ain’t my only artistic endeavor.)
    I really enjoyed the quotes.

    Not so sure about ‘tag’ play. As I won’t ask anyone. But ‘Theme’ of creativity might fit into a prompt? Which I’ll link back to here.

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