Springtime Share

I hardly share about what is going on in my life, often because it feels too much like Facebook and something other than creative. But then much of what we write about is taken from our experiences in life and then shared metaphorically. And indeed creativity has many expressions.

These past few weeks have been gripped with travel and the company I work for has just been acquired by a larger firm. Our small regional company was impacted by the large catastrophic fires that occurred in California over the past few years. Grateful to have been acquired as opposed to going out of business. I was invited to meet the new owners, good people, with good intentions and we get to keep on doing what we do with stronger financial backing.

During my travels, I popped up to visit with my Dad in Northern California. During my visit, my close friend Carolyn and I went for a long walk at Heather Farms where my sister Teri and I would walk. As we were walking through the rose garden, we decided to once again try to find the brick that was dedicated to Teri. We tried a few times in the past two years. Teri’s coworkers knew she spent time in the rose garden and had mentioned they wanted to donate to the garden in Teri’s name. I yelled in glee as I found the brick with Teri’s name, then Carolyn suddenly exclaimed that it was laid on Path 7! We were both moved because the number 7 has great spiritual significance and Teri passed on September 7th 2017.

Teri was a Behavioral Doctor and worked with children. Her co-workers are all therapists and they were a close knit group of healers.

Carolyn and I ended up having a deep conversation about our lives, Heaven and whether Teri is there waiting. I shared that I doubted in Heaven. And as spiritual as I am, Carolyn was surprised. I asked her if she believed in Heaven and she said of course without a doubt. She shared there is no doubt in her mind. I teared up and we were quiet for awhile.

It is very personal and everyone one of us has our own beliefs. I know my heart’s intentions and always ask for the scales to come out when I am struggling with something.

These last two weeks have been very moving and I have dreamt of being with Teri almost every night. We were like twins, sometimes very close and other times very distant. When you love someone so much it can be difficult to find yourself in the relationship. Individuation was what separated us, trying to find ourselves.

Now I think all of that was foolish. She is gone now and I miss her a great deal. Yet I know she lives in my heart, I hear her in my voice, in my laughter and see her walking with me often.

And the first signs of spring lit up the gardens. Daffodils, Narcissus and new growth on the rose bushes.

Life is an eternal cycle of death and rebirth.

May we all be blessed with our hope of eternal life. I just think that maybe I will become a fractal of light reflecting off the Moon.

Peace be with you all. Thank you for listening.

21 thoughts on “Springtime Share

  1. Thank you for sharing your lovely story Jordy. I love the synchronicity of the numbers and date. I receive those as little messages! 💕
    We all have different beliefs as to what happens to us when we die, and I say whatever brings someone comfort, is OK with me ❤️

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  2. I’m so sorry for the loss of your sister, Jordy. I’m not one to believe in heaven either, but I am open to a host of spiritual possibilities, including those that are far more wondrous than my limited imagination can conceive of. Perhaps a fractal light reflecting off the moon. ❤

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