Inspired by Frank Jansen’s Tuesday Photo Challenge -Scene

I love to travel. Everything about it is invigorating; exploring places I’ve never been, or returning to the most favorite to take a deeper dive in. When I was first starting out in my career, I traveled frequently, mostly within the United States but I would always try to plan the trips around weekends so I could extend the trip, especially if I had never been to that destination before.

On this particular occasion, last April, I was on my way to England to spend a long weekend with my friends and companions from The Silent Eye – A Modern Mystery School. Of course, having spent a lot of time studying my role from the Shakespearean ritual drama that we would act out during the upcoming weekend, my mind was already focused on the surreal.

I was full of energy and excitement but knowing it would be a long flight, I decided to walk around, get into travel mode and explore my surroundings.

As much as I do travel, I’ve never flown out of LAX, Los Angeles’ International Airport. Odd, eh? But there I was, with my heart in my throat, tons of energy, I looked up and saw this wonderful scene. It seemed perfect, like right out of a Hollywood movie, with an escalator as a back drop carrying what I imagined as James Bond spies, forward to their escapades.

The rush I felt seemed out of place, but like I was truly inside a Bond scene. Even though I knew that they were just travelers likely on their way home, and I was just trying to find my way to the Virgin ticket counter, I allowed my imagination to run wild.

But traveling always has this effect on me, especially, international travel. My eyes are wide open, and my imagination is in full gear as I watch everyone hustle and bustle, all the while making stories up as I explore.

And I really just enjoyed this scene!


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