The Dancer

This is republished to participate in Sheryl’s Daily Word Prompt: Diaphanous

I’ve missed several weeks of Sheryl’s prompts as I have been working in the background on several ideas for possible themes and book ideas for my poetry.

Diaphanous is one of my favorite words and I realized that one of my favorite poems should have included it, so I wove it in after the line beginning with “weaving.” And I realized that I have not published this on my site.

At any rate, thank you Sheryl for always selecting the most delightful words.

The Dancer

moment within moment,

ever present,

breath within breath,

with ever evolving joy in being

spiraling within and without

an atom’s core,

center of all things,

yet of nothingness

with one, yet divisible,

distinct, yet eternal,

she swirls in arcs

the Sun,

weaving a fabric of light,

spreading diaphanous wings,

with no beginning nor end,

as divinity’s expression,

eternal bliss

© Jordan Lady Rabi’a Fasheh

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