A Waltz, my dear?

This my entry to Sue Vincent’s #write photo prompt, fragrant. A great writing adventure, with wonderful participating artists.

Photo © Sue Vincent

One summer, as a young lady, taking a stroll through grandmamas gardens, overwhelmed by the beauty and scents, I stood in the center of the four paths and decided to dance.

In rapture, I started spinning around and around so fast that my underskirt widened and twirled with me, I felt naked and free.

Elated, I kept twirling, until I got dizzy and fell. I stayed and laid on the dirt, knowing my mum was going to be very upset that I spoilt my dress.

But I smiled and looked up at the clear blue sky and breathed in the myriad scents. I was filled to the brim with joy and fell asleep dreaming of dancing in heaven with the stars.

Those days were wondrous. Even though I paid a price for my free spirit.

My parent’s were strict disciplinarians and after the summer at grandmamas, they sent me away to boarding school.

Years past, I studied, completed my degrees, but became distant with my family and though gradual, I lost my wings.

Forgotten joy, buried with time and obligation.

One day at the University, I had finished giving a lecture on Divinity when a student approached me. He shared that he enjoyed my class immensely and asked me to join him for coffee.

He seemed much younger than me but I agreed.

Hours elapsed at the small cafe talking and sharing stories. Some discussion on theology but mostly we shared our own stories with each other.

I went inward for a moment, and caught a glimpse of myself charmed by this young man. He was bright, inquisitive, and had a great sense of humor. A warmth spread over me and for the first time in a long time, I felt content.

I recalled dancing in the gardens and the sense of freedom that had washed over me.

This short moment of internal reverie seemed to make him uncomfortable. He asked if I was tiring of our conversation.

I answered, on the contrary, just feeling a little light headed.

He smiled a familiar smile then asked if I wanted to go for a ride and that he knew of a garden not too far away where we could take a stroll and get some fresh air.

We drove along the mountain roads and to my surprise he was taking me to grandmamas old home. I hadn’t been there for years, she passed some time ago.

Of course, I didn’t share that with him. I wanted everything to be new and fresh between us.

We pulled up the drive to the gardens. Now publicly owned and operated. As I got out of the car and smelled the familiar scents, my heart opened and tears sprang forth.

He came to my side and took my hand bringing me closer to him as we walked down one of the paths. He accepted that I was assimilating something emotional and walked quietly with me.

Moments went by just walking hand in hand and soon we arrived at the center. A tall rose tree with gorgeous white petals was planted where I had once danced. He kept holding my hand and brought me closer to the tree. We both took a deep breath.

A waltz, my dear?, he asked.

Spinning together, arm in arm, the magnetic power of spirit carried us.

It must be what it is like to dance with infinity.

50 thoughts on “A Waltz, my dear?

      1. He did in your vision, in real life, well, does he really exist, is there such a charming young man, if so, I do hope he will appear to you soon.

        Liked by 2 people

        1. Oh, I see what you mean. Yes, he did appear in my vision. Quite stunning and we danced. But no not in real life. Bless you for understanding. Who else can one share like this but with another mystical writer!!💗💗💗💗

          Liked by 1 person

        1. Oh thank you, Willow. I appreciate your comments. This style is a little out of my range but it just begged to come through.💕💕


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